Travel and adventure

Notable adventures and trips:

Lived in a tent outside of Dawson City, Yukon for a summer.

Golfed at one of the most northerly courses in the world. Forget about manicured courses, how about tundra fairways and lichen greens?

Drove ice roads in the North West Territories.

Alpine hiking in Jasper National Park.

Reforested clear cuts along the Fraser River in British Columbia.

Photographed sled dog races near Barkerville, B.C.

Raised eight kids. This is an ongoing adventure.

Lived on a rural island off the coast of B.C.

Survived an aneurysm and stroke.

Proud member of the World Famous Sourtoe Cocktail “Foot Club” member #62.


I’ll be documenting my travels throughout the Territories and British Columbia’s Interior in 2018 to add to this list.

Digital Content Strategy

The Challenge

You want to connect with new and existing customers but you have a feeling those tired traditional advertising channels are a waste of effort and money.

You’re right!

The Answer

Let’s meet and we’ll get to the heart of your business and develop the story within. My work will connect you with your customers on an emotional level, informing and entertaining them as well as raising the profile of your business in the community you serve.

Customers want to develop loyalty with a business because it takes a load off their shoulders and reduces their worries. By connecting with your customers without putting up a wall of cheap, aggressive advertising, you develop mutual trust and that is what fosters loyalty. Give your customers a deeper look at your business and who you are and they’ll come to you.

Whether it’s developing press releases that actually have news value or producing a series of web videos to assert yourself as a business leader, I’ve got you covered.

Tell your story. I’ll show you how.

Feature Writing

Some call it a press release…

…but that’s super boring. I’ll use my experience and skills as a journalist to connect your business with both Edmonton and national media outlets. We’ll dig into your business and develop those newsworthy stories that will raise the profile of your business and feature you in special supplements or even the news pages. Ever want to be featured in a trade or industry magazine? Let me find the story within your business and pitch it for you.

With countless articles ranging from news to business profiles, arts to sports and everything in between, I will find a way to feature your business and your story in valuable media outlets. Not only does this build awareness of your brand, it also establishes your credibility in your field.

I also provide a variety of writing services including web content, business plans and smaller ghost-writing projects.

Let’s have coffee and discuss your project goals!