Apt To Game

When Jason Wynn, owner of Apt To Game, wanted to reach out to the Edmonton board gaming community and offer content that would drive interest in his retail business, I developed a web content strategy that would not only generate sales, but also establish Apt To Game as the premier gaming store in the region.

Wynn had little experience on camera as a presenter, but he had passion and knowledge. These two traits are highly regarded in the board gaming community and I capitalized on that by getting him to introduce new games to his target market in short, entertaining videos. These “unboxing” videos feature Jason and his partners literally unboxing new and popular games to show board gamers what’s inside and also provide some knowledgeable commentary on what they find. Not only do these videos provide that “Christmas morning” feeling for potential customers, the videos also raise the profile of Apt To Game in the community and let customers knows that these titles are in stock.

A podcast series was also developed in which Jason and his partners discuss current and relevant topics about board gaming and pop culture. Everyone benefits in this situation as Wynn and his partners get to talk to an audience about topics they love and it helps to establish credibility in the community and raise awareness for the store, ultimately bringing customers in.

Wynn and co. have found this transition to digital content easy because of their passion and it shows in the videos released throughout the week. Customers come into the store and talk about the videos creating that valuable connection that traditional advertising can’t. Wynn’s sincerity is a big part of Apt To Game’s growing success online. Board gamers, and any customer really, can tell who is peddling goods and who is passionate about their products.

Here is Wynn in his first performance:

Apt To Game’s UNBOXING! Wasteland Express Delivery Service from Chris Koehn on Vimeo.


The Kit Bunker

Rod Dumouchel used to live the 9-5 daily grind but his true passion was World War II hobby kits. He is a fixture in his hobbyist communities and had begun collecting a vast inventory of rare and out of print kits in hopes of one day opening up shop. With a business plan in hand, that day came and Dumouchel is now the proud owner of The Kit Bunker. With many connections in the hobby world, it was time to start attracting customers from outside these dedicated groups and even interest people new to model kits.

The Kit Bunker’s advertising budget could have easily been swallowed up by ineffective banner ads or local cable TV quality video ads provided by services such as Yelp! but he needed something different. He needed to establish credibility and above all, display his passion for the hobby and connect with his customer base. There are many ways for customers to spend money on model kits online, so we worked on something that would allow him to stand out. We told his story.

His story is the same as many of his potential customers: model builders interested in the kits that they built in their youth.  Our video showed that Dumouchel feels that same nostalgia and possesses deep knowledge about the hobby. Watching the video you can’t help but feel an emotional connection to his story and it evokes the sense that when you buy from the Kit Bunker, you’re getting that little bit of your youth back. Dumouchel is just like his customers–hobbyists above all.

Check out this short video about the Kit Bunker:

Entrepreneur’s Stories: The Kit Bunker from Chris Koehn on Vimeo.


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