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I got my start in professional digital media back in 2003 when my wife and I opened up a video production business to cover live events. I had a mildly popular video blog before YouTube made web video easy so I figured why not make a business out of this Internet video stuff? I loved it, but eventually closed up shop in 2006 to focus on my journalism studies.

During my career as a reporter I found ways to incorporate video with our print products and I signed on to work for independent documentary and cinema to keep my skills fresh. The last few years have seen my passion for video story telling re-ignite and I now produce videos for businesses that want to connect with customers on a deeper level than any traditional advertising can.

From developing web content strategies for businesses that want to become a voice in their community to simply getting the word out in an informative and entertaining way, I’ve got you covered.

For more on my business philosophy check out my About page!

You can download my latest resume here.


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