Chris is an Edmonton journalist and videographer who… wait a minute, I’m writing this myself so what’s with the third person?

Let’s give this another try.

Hi! I’m Chris Koehn and I produce video stories.

Within everyone is a story that we can relate to, appreciate and be inspired by. My goal is to uncover these experiences and share them using video. When I got my start in newspapers filling pages with features about local businesses I thought, “how boring is this?” I was stuck writing what amounted to ad copy that most people would gleefully ignore as they flipped past to the sports section.

So I decided to try and make it fun for everyone involved and that led me to the story. I stopped writing a boring litany of details including who, what, when and I started to investigate the how and why. I fished a little deeper beyond the canned responses read verbatim from uninspired mission statements and in doing so I found out that business owners are people too! They have hopes and dreams and aren’t just someone who takes your money for a product or service. They have a story!

The most well-known entrepreneurs shared their stories throughout their careers. Sometimes the epic nature of their story was enough to propel them to the top, while often enough the story is just an interesting footnote to their hard work. They connected with us because they showed us who they were. They told us their story. Did you? Yours doesn’t need to epic. You just need to remind your customers that there’s a person behind this business and by telling your story you’re transmitting your values and connecting. It attracts people and builds loyalty.

People interested in your product will be interested in your story. They want to feel good about supporting a business and they’re willing to drive a little further, pay a little more or even wait for a special order to buy from you if they feel that your values align with theirs! How do you connect with them on this level? Certainly not with boring, generic mission statements. Certainly not with dull autobiographies written in third-person on your About page.

Do you want to connect with your customers and build loyalty? Likely you’re not the only one who does what you do so tell your story. Give your customers the opportunity to relate to you and they’ll support your business. Don’t patronize them with tired marketing tropes or outdated advertising methods. Everyone has a phone. Make use of this and let’s deliver your video story directly to them, not to their recycling bin along with that bale of flyers.

I can help you develop a digital content strategy that will attract new interest, foster customer loyalty and above all, transmit your values in an inspiring and entertaining format.

Do you want an ad, or do you want a story?